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health care bill???

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  • health care bill???

    Do any of you smart people know if this new health care stuff, that is suppose to cover pre-existing conditions, will that also apply to work comp?

    Also, whats everyone think of this new healthcare reform?

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    Das ist in der Doktor!

    Originally posted by rear-ended View Post
    Do any of you smart people know if this new health care stuff, that is suppose to cover pre-existing conditions, will that also apply to work comp?

    Also, whats everyone think of this new healthcare reform?

    STOP! Listen !! ( do you hear it? )

    That sound you hear is the sound of 17 million plus Americans all clamoring to be first in line at urgent care….

    As to your questions don’t know,
    haven’t read it yet.

    BTW …it might be better to move this to the Legal Lounge
    ~ Pulling an idea like that out of your @ss had to cause permanent damage.
    Can you make it to a doctor on your own,
    or do you need help?....


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      No. The health care reforms DO NOT pertain to Workers Compensation.
      Your employer is liable for your industrial injury, not you. Your employer is the insured party to limit their out of pocket costs for the injury/illness.

      Pre exsisting conditions can be covered under a WC liability policy, your employer takes you ''as is'' upon hire. If the pre exsisting condition is aggreviated due to industrial injury, and meets the AOE/COE standard, it would be fully compensable.


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        I understand from my husband, who is a political scientist by profession, who consults with members of Congress and who teaches political science at a prestigious university, that it is not yet certain exactly what the provisions will be when President Obama signs it, since it is recognized that there are errors in the bill and the Senate is looking at a new bill to fix the errors in the one voted in yesterday. So it's a bit too soon to be looking at how the final bill will be affecting any of us.

        I agree, though, that it is unlikely that the final version will affect workers comp claims.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          The only effect this could have on Work Comp is a possible reduction in premium. I read a report several years ago that showed pretty clearly that companies that had medical insurance for their employees also had lower workers' compensation claims cost. Since workers' comp is very expense driven in the long run, if everyone or even a significantly larger percentage of workers care covered, we should see a drop in the cost of workers' compensation insurance cost.


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            Anything that happens in the reforms to reduce the overall cost of medical care in the US is going to help reduce WC costs...Medical treatment is the highest cost driver in comp. I think medical in Calif was around 12Billion last year.
            WC is also the 4th highest coverage carriers provide...

            WC coverage however is not ''health insurance''.
            The employer is either self insured, posting a bond as determined by the state, or purchases coverage from a State Fund, or private carrier.

            Any new rules providing for medical coverage under a private pay plan, or GHP are not applicable to WC insurance. Generally due to the employer being the insured party, not the employee.

            In Calif, WC is exempt from the Dept of Ins regs... and operates as a seperate system under the DIR/DWC...Dept of Industrial Relations/Dept of Workers Compensation with the WCAB holding jurisdiction. In fact, SCIF was taken to court by the DOI to produce their books for audit. I'd have to imagine most states are operating much the same... but for those ie Ohio with a completly unique program for industrial injury.

            Sorry,... Too much information.


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