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Massachusetts, Unemployed again after 9 weeks of employment Massachusetts

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  • Massachusetts, Unemployed again after 9 weeks of employment Massachusetts

    God. I was laid off today.

    I was unemployed for 1 year 4 months after a merger. I found a job in late November (I am in Boston-Was in Advertising)

    I had been on unemployment during that time getting $625 a week, ran through all my savings during that time and have about $1800 left currently.

    I was laid off this morning at 8 am along with another guy. We talked after and we were both told we were not a "good fit" after 9 weeks- we both started at the same time. I only made about $800 a week in commission.

    This is a start up marketing company.

    I guess my question is this (Mass has certain days of the week you can file a claim, based on your social security #) mine is tomorrow and I am panicking)

    I checked my account online, It still shows about $5100 left in my current years claim. I know I am going to have to reopen my claim and they are going to use my most recent employer.

    I made $5000 from late November through December and about $3800 through January.

    Since I was on EB "Extended Benefits" will I not qualify for Unemployment at all? I have only worked for this company for 9 weeks and my last employer is now out of my Base period which they used for my last claim.

    I am just in a panic I guess.

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    Without being able to see your records, there's no way for anyone here to say yes, you will qualify or no, you will not qualify. But absolutely you should apply, and the sooner the better. If only for your own piece of mind.

    If you go to one of the walk-in centers, you do not have to wait for your SSN day of the week. Anyone can go to a walk in center on any day regardless of their SSN number. Given that it is Monday, you'll probably have quite a wait, but no more of a wait than you'll have trying to reopen your claim by phone tomorrow.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      I better find ANY job quick.

      They opened a new claim and they will base my highest quarter earnings (Which was my start date of late November through December) at $5000.00. But even though I worked there for 6 weeks in that quarter, and 4 weeks in this quarter) They will base my benefit rate on $5000.00 divided by the full quarter Oct/Nov/Dec 09 (12 weeks) Meaning my average weekly rate will be $417.00 and my benefit will be about $210.00 per week. (Even though I am averaging $8-$850 per week, they use the entire quarter) Oh my


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