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Georgia interchange of labor question

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  • Georgia interchange of labor question

    We are a public relations firm with several employees who work primarily at their desks but who also travel some to client offices and events. Some travel more frequently than others. I have been told that I must code all of their entire salaries as 8742 Outside Salespersons because that is the classification with the highest risk. Is there an allowable way to code part of their salaries as 8810 Clerical and part as 8742 Outside Salesperson in the state of Georgia or is it prohibited altogether?

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    I am not in Georgia, but I will state that what you are experiencing is common. I know our WC carriers require each employee to have only one code and that code is the highest one depending on the job duties they perform or where they are performed. If they travel outside, then 8742 is the correct code.

    We have this happen in the fitness industry too...anyone working in the gym is a specific fitness code regardless of their actual duties.

    I've not seen any exceptions for this and we have, currently and in the past, been in many different business ventures.


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      Same in CA. Office workers who spend time in the factory get coded as factory workers. I have never seen any employee use more then one WC code. However, let me state the obvious. Give your WC provider a call and ask them.
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        I'm in GA. I understand your issues since 8810 is charged at a much lower rate. However since they are outside sales, thats what WC wants to charge them at. Not sure there is anything to be done about it. Contact your WC carrier and talk to them but I think you may be stuck.
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