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Repayment of WC benefits???? Washington

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  • Repayment of WC benefits???? Washington

    Just wondering if anyone knows if your claim gets ultimately denied and WC says you have to pay back the benefits how that is handled? Is it taken out of your check? Can you file bankruptcy and include it in the bankruptcy? Just the way, was off for 3 months collecting benefits, then just went back to work in a different department but same company.

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    If you file a claim for WC benefits and it is eventually denied, the amount of benefits you received is not subject to reimbursement.

    Generally the ER/IC has a pre determined timeframe to investigate a claim, and either accept as compensable, or deny.
    Even if the claim is denied, the applicant/IW has the opportunity to appeal that decision through the dispute resolution process/comp court.


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      A lot depends on the reason for denial. In certain cases the benefits absolutely can be ordered repaid. If you are in this situation, I would highly suggest speaking with an attorney well versed in WC in your state to guide you.
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