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how much would this cost?

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  • how much would this cost?

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    You can call the offices of orthopedic surgeons in your area and see if you can get a "quote" on this type of surgery. There are a lot of ancillary charges you'd need to take into consideration as well such as the anesthesiologist, hospital charges, etc.

    Also, do these doctors want paid upfront? If I am going to pay cash, will they have to call anyone for an approval also? You'll have to ask the doctor who will be performing the surgery.


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      Uh, there is no way you are going to get anything resembling an accurate quote without the exact procedures. Different procedures are billed at different rates and take different periods of time, all of which affects the cost. Further, different doctors are going to have different approaches and may use different techniques so it isn't always an exact apples to apples comparison either. You also need to be mindful that some surgeons will not take you on as a patient if you have already treated recently with someone else.

      You need to clarify with the attorney what he means by WC being 100% responsible. He may not be talking about the cost of the procedure. He may be speaking of indemnity payments or the procedure being considered a WC surgery, or requiring authorization. unless you have settled the WC end of the claim (which if I remember correctly you have not done), the third party settlement does ot affect the WC nature of your claim. The only affect the 3rd party claim would have would be from a $ standpoint and even then, it is extremely unusual for you to shoulder the full cost of both indemnity and the procedure yourself going forward. Typically what happens is you receive reduced benefits until you have "made up" for the amount of the settlement or part of the settlement.

      You can find contact information for the PA BWC here
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