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a closed case where later finding information was not produced North Carolina

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  • a closed case where later finding information was not produced North Carolina

    I have a current injury to ulner nerve and up through arm and neck. i am fighting in a workmans comp case and the other side brought to our attention that my old back injury (3yrs prior) which involved my arm and neck that was closed and let me go bk to work never told me i could not work as a cna again. My attorney then never said a word nor was it mentioned at my last reevaluation so we could settle. THe other attorneys presented in my hearing a report that said i could not work in that field again because i had rsd. My attorney was very good i dont think he would have kept that from me. If this is true i was ripped off the settlement paid for my attorney fees and gave me 16, 000.00 dollars. if i wasnt able to work again in that field after 15 yrs wouldn't they have to pay to reducate etc. and why wasn't that document available to my attorney when settling. i need help plz someone respond and forgive me im typing with my non primary hand so excuse typos and writting. also this new information is affecting my ulner nerve case. i am going on 7 months no treatment because of this. plz helpty
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    Since you have an attorney, that is who you really need to direct your questions to. It would be inappropriate for us to guess what information your attorney had access to at the time of settlement and why they provided the legal advice that they did.
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      Are you wanting to get treatment for an injury, for which you have settled your case? If so, you are on your own. By settling, you have given up the right to get any treatment, unless you simply accepted the "rating money."

      You should call your lawyer if you have questions like this. Your post causes me to think you do not really have a clear understanding of what has happened.
      Good luck.
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