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Unemp. Comp. hearing /Referee? North Carolina

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  • Unemp. Comp. hearing /Referee? North Carolina

    What is the resonsibility of a referee in an unemployment comp. hearing.........I know finding of one............. but what I really need to know is when is a Referee overstepping his or her bounds. Is their a limit to their function or duties or rather what can they not do because it's not within their area of extertise?


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    What exactly is your concern? Every state is set up differently. In some states, a "referee" could be called a "hearing officer" or an "administrative law judge", or some other name. It basically, however, refers to the person who hears the evidence and renders a decision.
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      Referee : Concerns

      my concerns are these:
      Instead of being terminated for a "no call no show" which was my adjudicators determination.........after the hearing in which I had witnesses & felt extremely confident that would be in my favor.............Now with the Referee I was disqualified for no call no show and being arrested for engaging in a crimimal act..........."somewhere on this board I asked for a definition of a crimanal act" see the arrest Which I didn't know was going to be an arrest...."just clearing up a routine complaint" regarding a letter (court document) to my wife while I was under a restraining order........that violation was later dismissed -having no I wasn't guilty furthermore it was invalid so the DA said..............................

      The point being none of this was included in my finding of facts.........the Referee further stated that I had not "Directly" informed my witness /Supervisor did in fact on my behalf..........which boils down to "semantics" on her part because "direct" is not stated anywhere and is not a company rule!

      I've just appealed this determination along with a 15 page explanation of the circumstances with cases cited................this has been going on for 13 months..........If anybody wants to see my submission i'll email you a copy!


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        It is really hard to follow your responses the way you are posting.

        So, are you appealing?
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