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Pa workmans Comp Pennsylvania

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  • Pa workmans Comp Pennsylvania

    My husband was involved in an Auto accident at the end of november while driving a work truck. His truck was hit by a girl who ran a stop sign and it flipped over. He has injury to his back, neck, shoulders and leg. He requested the list of panel doctors andm was told to go to this one specific emergancy place . This was after being treated by an emergancy room the night of the accident. He did as his work instructed and so their doctor, whim was a nurse practioner . She put him back to work the next day on light duty without listening to any of his concerns or injuries. I took him to the emergancy room that night because his pain so so bad. He then has a note to be out of work for the next day. My husband called his work again and requested the list of panel doctors and was tol there was none, to go back to the nurse practioner. Since he repediately was denied the list we saw our own doctor. Now wc is not paying for our doctor and has sent him to a orthopedic doctor for his back who says he can return to work on light duty. That doctor did not check out his knee, only his back because he is a back dotor he said. So i made him an appointment with the knee doctor for today since his knee gave out last night. So i have two questions..
    Can you or should u work while on muscle relaxers?
    Should we request an mri since all they keep saying is pulled muscles and put him and physical therapy but our doctor thinks it may be pinched nerves?
    He thinks there is something really wrong and keeps telling the doctors and they don't seem to be listening.

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    Originally posted by brandylee View Post
    Can you or should u work while on muscle relaxers?
    What type of job does he do?


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      He is furniture delivery driver. Meaning he drives and moves furniture into homes. Right now they have him working in the warehouse but his work is 45 minutes from home and i am concerned with him driving there.


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        Well he saw a orthopedic knee doctor yesterday and he has to go for a MRI of his knee tomorrow . The doctor thinks he has a torn medial menuscus. I don't know alot about this type of injury so i will have to do some research.He is back to light duty and going into work. They put him in the office answering phones and stuff so it is a desk job. I was wondering though, he gets paid commission or hourly depending on which will be higher when delivering . The question is , now that he is working in the office he will be making less than what he would had he been able to do his regular job. Now his wc pay is based on his past pay checks and so is much higher than what his hourly is, which one will we get paid? his wc or the hourly?
        thanks alot of all your help.


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          He will receive his hourly wage from his employer for the hours worked on restricted duty. Depending on the varience between his WC weekly rate and his weekly rate as an hourly employee he may get partial w/c payments.


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