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un employment Pennsylvania

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  • un employment Pennsylvania

    I'm from PA. I have heard quite a few times from people who have filed for UB, that they have been told that their benefits will be held 3to4 weeks to check on some things. When they ask why because they need the money now, they are told not to worry, you'll get all the weeks at one time. They don't say the benifits are denied or employer is fighting it. Has anyone ever heard this ? It seems to me that's pretty rough this time of year. It has nothing to do with the waiting week. Any answers ? Thanks for any replys.

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    What you've been told is partially correct and partially incorrect.

    In just about any state, it will take a minimum of 3-4 weeks for the first check to arrive. This is not because the UI office is "holding it" or "checking on you" but because that is simply how long it takes to process an initial claim. The employer has a legal right to be notified and to respond if they choose (btw, while I have not had claims in all 50 states, PA gives employers the shortest time to respond of any state where I have). Then, even assuming that the employer opts not to respond or responds with a "No, we have no objection to the claim, go right ahead and process his benefits", it still will take a certain amount of time for the processor to enter the information, and for it to work its way through the system.

    Additionally, just at the moment the sheer number of new claims is holding up processing in most states, including PA.

    Once a claim is already entered and in the system, it's a much shorter process to handle a weekly check than it was to set it up intitally.

    So while it is true that the first check will take longer, it's for reasons other than stated.
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      Thanks so much for the quick reply. That makes me feel a little better. One was my daughter and the other was my son in law. I've never heard this before. Right away They and I both panicked and thought there was a problem. Thanks again!!


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        I'm in PA and filed my initial claim online on 11/7. There is a week waiting period. Mine was held up a bit because 1) there were wages from another state they had to get, 2) I didn't sign up for direct deposit, so had to wait until they sent my debit card and they were informed I had activated it.

        Having said that, once I got my first claim in, the funds were on my card 2 days later. Direct deposit might take 3.
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