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ca injury

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  • ca injury

    I injured my wrist sanding a car at work. At the time it was sore enough I could not grasp or hold on to anything with any strength. I told my boss who told me I could not file a workers comp. claim because he could not afford any increases and would close the shop if somebody did. I treated myself until one day it was so bad I asked my boss if he Knew of a doctor I could go see. He againtold me no claims and that he knew of a doctor but that the doctor was away on vacation. The wrist has gotten better but ocasionally gets very sore. I quit the job. Wanting to know if i have any rights since I have not been to see a doctor and no longer work for that shop.

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    Workers Compensation

    You may have rights but the longer you wait, the harder it is to prove that it occurred on the job. You should call the state workers' compensation division to learn about the process to file a claim past employment. (It differs from state-to-state.)

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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      what do i do?????

      I quit my job about 3 months ago ,and about week after that I started getting back pain and had to be put on disability by my doctor, possibly due to multiple herniated disc, once I confirm this as an injury caused by lifting appliances. Could I possibly get my medical payed by workers compensation,instead of tax-payer money.


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        Possibly, yes, but it will depend on how clearly you and your doctor can demonstrate a clear connection with your employment, and also whether or not you have gone beyond the allowed reporting time.

        I'll probably be sorry for asking this but, how does taxpayer money come into this? Why would the taxpayers be responsible for your medical bills? How come you/your insurance wouldn't be?
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          You can file it as WC but I'd expect one heck of a fight on Accidental injury and causal connection.
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            cbg, he is on state disability right now- which is funded through a tax on payroll.
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              The reason taxpayer money comes into this is because I had to apply for MediCal a California insurance agency that I had to turn to for medical help because I had no insurance, @ the time I quit, I did not realize I had an injury until I sat home for one week, I am at the point where I had to practically crawl into a local clinc and then almost crawl into radiology across the street at the hospital. I have already been through this before 6 years ago, when I had to have back surgery once before on my spine. Once I prove this due to heavy lifting, I have no choice, last time I wasnt sure what had caused it therefore I just happened to have Life-Guard medical an excellent company.(thats why there probably no longer in buisiness) My point is why should I have to have second rate medical that was designed to help the needy, When this could possibly be an insurance bill. IT IS NOT RIGHT!!!
              I guess we will see when my x-ray results and my MRI results come back.
              If this is just normal wear an tear and old age then so be it ...... If its not ...We will see


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                Thanks, Megan; I missed that he was in CA.
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