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Appeal help. North Carolina

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  • Appeal help. North Carolina

    I was discharged from my job in september. The company stated that the reason was for sleeping on the job. I was a concrete pump operator and the industry standard is to sleep in the cab while waiting for the job to be ready to start. This is a widely accepted practice and I had even been told by my supervisors that it is ok. I was preparing for the appeal and found a witness who still works at the company that could testify that we had been told multiple times that this was ok. A few days before the hearing my old boss contacted me and said that they did not want to deny my benefits but since the appeal process was started we had to follow through with it. He assured me that I would not need the witness and told him the same. He also instructed me to ask him 3 quesitons during the hearing.

    1. Have you ever caught an operator sleeping in his truck?
    2. Did you fire that operator?
    3. Is the industry standard for pump operators to sleep in the cab of the truck while waiting?

    My boss told me that if I did this then my beneifts would definatly be restored. I feel foolish for trusting him because the hearing didnt seem to go as well as He said it would. I am still waiting on the results but am sure my benefits will continue to be denied. If they are denied then what are my options now? I know I can continue the appeal but I'm not sure how to procede. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. I live in North Carolina if that information helps in anyway.

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    No one can say how your hearing will go. Those are pretty good questions to be asking so I dont think your former boss was out to screw with you.
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