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WC coverage & Perm. Part. Disability (New York) New York

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  • WC coverage & Perm. Part. Disability (New York) New York

    working on it
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    Originally posted by DayLily View Post
    I guess I just need some legal advice on WC claims, perm. part. disability (I have perm. & continuing vision loss in left eye & PTSD due to multiple attacks by a resident), and possible personal injury case.
    I do believe you need the assistance of a lawyer. I would retry calling your lawyer's office for status on your case or go there in person if possible.
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      Five claims in 6 months? I hate to tell you this but it is going to be an uphill battle to get all of them taken seriously. MAJOR red flags that the first 4 settled and there have been no claims since the last claim which has not settled was filed. In your case it may be legit but those are one in a million and unfortunately, after enough of the other kind of cases, lawyers, adjusters and even employers get cynical. Double that for ANY claim of PTSD that doesn't involve a life threatening event. It is one of the diagnoses that seems to appear in WC claims, way out of proportion to the number cases diagnosed from other sources, and is a very rare disorder. Makes it tougher for those that are truly suffering from the disorder.

      You really need a lawyer here and if yours has turned cynical or is not helping you, and your claims are legit, find another lawyer.
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