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Creative Bookkeeping Georgia

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  • Creative Bookkeeping Georgia

    I quit because I was asked to do some creative bookkeeping to minimize the company's tax liability. I did not work a notice because I was advised by someone in the same line of work that the longer I worked there after I knew what was going on, the more liable I would be when they get caught. I did not spell out why I quit in my letter of resignation. I put "lack of work and other personal reasons". Lack of work due to the fact that all employees' hours were cut 20% in January 08.

    When I filed for unemployment, the DOL employee put the reason for quitting as "change in working conditions" and I put a statement as to what happened at the bottom of the page.

    I have now been denied benefits. the claims determination letter states that I quit becuase I was not satisfied with the working conditions and that nothing had changed. "Therefore, you cannot be paid unemployment benefits."

    What do you think the odds are that I could win an appeal on this decision? I don't like confrontation but, would go through it if there's a good chance to change the decision.


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    I don't like giving odds because there are too many variable factors, up to and including whether or not the ALJ had a fight with his wife that morning and who got the last jelly donut in the staff room.

    If yuo want to appeal the decision, appeal it. It doesn't cost anything but some time and the worst that can happen is that the original decision is affirmed.
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      If the only reason given to your employer was "lack of work and personal reasons" and they have this in writing from you, I wouldn't get my hopes up to high. Appeal if you like but the fact that you worked for several weeks/months at the reduced hours and didn't mention the questionable practices until your appeal doesn't help you.
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        If you appeal, tell the truth. But then the question becomes, why did you lie on the paper you gave the employer? I agree with the poster who said your chances would not be good for winning in light of the paper on which you wrote the bogus reason. And the company is not going to admit they asked you to do something fraudulent. Good luck.
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