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WC Any State Word to the Wise

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  • WC Any State Word to the Wise

    When you are injured you will be asked to sign a release for medical information. On that release, you must write, that the release is for only the injury you received at work. Such as left hand only. You also must write a date. You should date the paper work to say. Release is from the date of your injury only.
    This prevents WC insurance from digging into your past medical history. They will use any thing to get out of a claim. Including your past medical history. If you broke your arm 10 years ago they will say your Hand is related to your past Broken Arm. Everyone you see will ask for a release of medical records. Make sure you write the above, or they will pull some stupid stuff on you. The Ins Co, Case Nurse, & Vok-Rehab person will all try to trick you. The Case Nurse & Vok-Rehab person get paid a extra money if they can get you back to work even if its a lessor paying job. Such as a file clerk. I think of Case Nurse & Vok-Rehab persons are Insurance *****'s. The CN & VR persons will try to go to doctors with you DO NOT LET THEM IN WITH YOU TO SEE DOCTOR. Another thing they will do is make appointments for you. They do not call you and tell you about them. The next thing you no is you've missed an appt. That you knew nothing about. They then try to say your not keeping your appt's. They can terminate your WC. So be Pro-Active You let them know from the start that they are not coming in to the Doctors appt's with you. When you go to doctors office you need to let Doctors office you do not want them in with you. You also need to inform the Dr's Office that only YOU will make appt's. At first they will have you sign a medical release for them. They will want you to sign a blank form. If they can't give you a copy tell them you will sign only if you get a copy right now. Or even better take the release paper from them fold it up put it in your pocket, then tell them you will take it with you and mail it back to them. CN will also fill in the paper with what they want hoping you will sign. Just black it out. That's so they can dig threw your pass medical records. Be Aware! Also if it's your personal Doctor that you are going to Let the office & DR. know from the start you do not want any medical records released to them from your past. Only information on your present injury. Have them put a note in the file. Why you ask? Because the person who is in charge of medical records might send everything to WC, CN & VR people. If they have you go to their Dr. be aware of what you say to them.
    Another thing you have to wait for approval for everything from ins co. I found out if I wait till Saturday. I then go to Er at Hospital. The Hospital will bill the Ins Co. That way they speed up trying to get you in to Doctor's ASAP.
    They do not want to spend any X-tra money.
    Your employer will not want to get involved at all. It almost your employer dose not even know you. They want nothing to do with you.
    Your also treated like your a criminal.
    As far as getting another job they will train you for something else. But it might not be anything your interested in. They will send you to computer school so you can learn computer stuff. Them It's up to you to get a job for your self. They do not find you a job. Some say you get ON the job training. Well it's for 30, 60 or 90 days then your out the door. Your on your own. If you need to open up a old claim GOOD LUCK. Hell will be frozen long before you get a claim re-opened up.
    Good Luck To Everyone

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    It's true that you don't have to disclose that info but what about the depositions?

    You must disclose it then. I know I have been to 4 of them. Just a thought.


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      Sounds more like sour grapes than legitimate "help". There is little value in trying to refute all the inaccuracies in the post, but I will say that trying to twart the system is going to hurt you much more in the long run then trying to work with it. There is a way for the employer. insurer to "get around" each of the roadblocks you recommend putting in place none of which work in your favor.

      Just as one example, in most cases what fees can be charged are set by statute for WC related medical care. It really does no good to wait until a weekend and sit for hours on end in the ER as the insurer is going to pay the same amount to the hospital that they would have paid to a doctor on Friday. The tests are going to cost the same as well.

      The IC is also entitled to the medical records related to past incidents related to the saem body parts or types of injuries. They can get those whether you sign the release or not, but if you do not, it only holds up your authorizations and treatment.
      I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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