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Knee Injury North Carolina

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  • Knee Injury North Carolina

    I live in S.C. but worked in N.C. I fell off a truck tearing my knee up. I have had 3 surgeries, I was just told my disability rating will be around 85%. Just wondering if someone has had such an inkury and about how much was there settlement amount? Thanks

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    Refer to the Payments for Scheduled Injuries section at the link below for guidance. If you are settling this full and final, then your best bet is to discuss a dollar figure with your attorney as the amount is not set by statute.
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      You have at least 3 ways to settle that case. An 85% to the knee is a massive rating, and you multiply 85% times 200 weeks times your weekly comp rate to get the minimum they will owe you. That is 170 weeks times your comp rate. But I bet you will need a knee replacement as a result of that injury, and if you are under 60, you are likely to need it more than once during your lifetime. So you have to be real careful how you settle the case. You can get lifetime medical coverage in NC work comp if the doc says you need it. But not if you "clinch" your case. Then they don't have to cover anything else ever again.

      And if you have not yet returned to work you have another option to resolve your case. Or, if you have returned to work but are making less money because of your knee, then you have a third option to consider.

      I hope you have an experienced NC lawyer helping you as you have a complicated case and you need to be very careful how you resolve it. Good luck.
      Bob Bollinger, Attorney
      Board Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law
      Charlotte, NC


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