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no lite duty at store and full commision Connecticut

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  • no lite duty at store and full commision Connecticut

    Hi I got hurt in work moving a mattress in june of 2006 went back on lite duty they said my job was lite duty and put me back on the floor where I injured myself more.The mri showed a bulging disk so I started recieving a check for way less then I made on the floor(I am full commision and make about 20.00 a hr) the comp stopped paying me after 5 weeks and I went back on lite duty which again they said there was none .I sell vacuums and they are heavy when there packaged and sometimes I have to take them off the shelf. Workmans comp does pay the doctor and prescriptions. 3 weeks ago I did agrevate my back again and went out for 4 days was I supposed to get paid for those four days or is that not included in the old injury.My doctor said I probably reinjured the old injury. thanks

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    Since it was a separate and distict injury that you sustained, it would be a new claim. Did you file it with your employer? The claims ultimately may be consolidated but typically when a period of time elapses and there is an event that triggers a new injury or onset of symptoms, it starts a new claim.

    You should have been paid for the day of the accident but then there is a 3 day waiting period before benefits are available.
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