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    Originally posted by complwyr View Post
    Sorry. I probably should not have used the word "forced." That was reading too much into the original post.
    Its okay. I was just double-checking. I appreciate the information that you provide.
    Please no private messages about your situation.


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      I called the KS WC Ombudsman's office a bit ago and asked as the WC web site simply was not very specific on the matter. I simply do not have the time nor patients to wade through the statues at the moment.

      According to Redolios at KS WC Ombudsman's office Gina's employer is responding correctly for KS WC. I asked specifically about the PTD and his reply was "until the IW has lost 7 consecutive days of work no wage replacement is due from the IC nor the ER". He further elaborated that "once 7 consecutive days have passed that only full days in succession are compensable for wage replacement to the IW under KS WC law". He also added that of course the EE could use PTO if allowed by the ER for payment for missed time from work for the doctor appointments.

      Ombudsman Unit
      Kansas Department of Labor
      Workers Compensation
      800 SW Jackson, Suite 600
      Topeka, KS 66612-1227
      (785) 296-2996 or (800) 332-0353

      Information posted by me is my "OPINION". I do NOT give legal advice to anyone as like most here I am NOT an attorney.


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        Thank you for the information kick me! You are funny sometimes, I also find times I just want to call, and not look it up lol! Please remember OP, that if WC themselves are asking you to see one of their specialists, for a second opinion, at least in Oregon, they cover the cost of transpo, missed work, and even a meal and a hotel stay if needed. Whenever saif wanted my husband to see one of their specialists, they would send him some paperwork to aks for that, for you had to ask, and get the approval for those, ahead of time. The only reason for this is because their doctor most likely would return you to work before your own, and they do not want to keep paying the bi-weekly checks, if they can get out of it, and if they cover all the legal reasons for not making this appointment, then this appointment will take place. For example, my husbands appointment was set in a town 3 hours away, and for 7 am, so he would have had to leave at 4 am or earlier, to make this appointment, so his attorney requested a motel stay, and breakfast. They ended up changing the appointment lol. They never did this for any other appointment, except gas for transpo, but nothing for lost wages. This is only an example, and this is in Oregon, things may be different from your state. Until you get a lawyer, you can call them for any question you may have. Good luck to you!


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          Originally posted by moburkes View Post
          Its okay. I was just double-checking. I appreciate the information that you provide.
          I second that, thank you for the valuable information that you offer.


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