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Injured by patient

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  • Injured by patient

    I've never filed any kind of WC claim before so I'm not sure about how this goes. I was injured (assaulted) by a patient in the ER. I was the nurse. I checked in as a patient, had an exam and x-rays and was sent home for the night. I had to use my vacation pay to cover the hours lost. I've had follow up treatment through the hospital's WC clinic. I will be having a CT of my left orbit as there remains a pressure sensation behind/under my eye and blurred vision in that eye if I lean over or strain. The clinic staff suggested I see an eye doctor to evaluate my vision. I do have vision coverage included with my benefits package. Do I use my insurance or will I need to go through WC?

    Okay how does this work? Will I be compensated for having to use my vacation pay? Will I have to pay for portions of these care/testing costs that aren't covered by my insurance? If so is there any way to recover the costs?

    I just need to make sure I don't bury myself in unreimbursable cost as I am a single mom of three (four but one is 21). I know these things are necessary. Kind of have to be able to see when you're a nurse and all. I realize I could file a civil suit but I doubt the person that assaulted me has the means to reimburse the costs here.

    Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.

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    You should follow your state's WC process. Did you report it to your supervisor? If not, that is the first step.

    Many states have a waiting period during which no payment is made if lose time. Check with your HR dept about that.
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      My supervisor was the next person running into the room after I yelled out that the patient had gotten out of her restraints.
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        That isn't the same as filing a WC claim. If this was in Ohio, see here for details

        If medical care was required the day of the injury, then your employer should not charge vacation for that time. If you decided to seek treatment that day, but were not required to do so by your employer, then they may charge vacation. You would have to be out for more than 7 days before WC would owe you lost pay benefits.

        Do NOT just start randomly treating with doctors and paying by your insurance. If it is WC it needs to go through the WC channels. You can read more about it here . You do not have to pay for approved treatment yourself and there are no copays.
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          Thank you. I appreciate your responses and the info on the WC site.

          My employer required me to go through their WC clinic for follow up treatment and they are the only one's I've seen so far. I called my employee health person at work and she told me that she was the one that approved the CT scan and to have them send her the info relating to me going to an opthamologist so she could process the approval for that.
          Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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