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Enemployment Benefits Pennsylvania

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  • Enemployment Benefits Pennsylvania

    I apologize in advance if this seems like a dumb question, but I tried a little searching and couldnt find the answer I want. Perhaps I was searching in the wrong direction, but here it is...
    Where does the actual funding for unemplyment checks come from? Is it something in the area of companies' insurance sends funds to local govt, then distributed to the individual from there?
    Judging by the responses to my responses so far I think I will read alot more then reply with what I *thought*, and trying to gain knowledge starting fromn scratch...
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    The employer pays all of it, except in a very few states and PA is one that requires an employee contribution. An employer is provided an "experience rating" once they've built a history of filing/paying UI taxes and having UI claims filed by ex-employees. The higher the unemployment benefits charged to the employer's "account", the higher the rate goes. The rate is determined annually for employers and is applied to the first $xx,000 in each employees' wages annually (in PA, that's the first $8,000).

    If the state runs out of money in the fund to pay all beneficiaries, it can borrow from the federal government under the federal unemployment tax act. The employer pays all of this tax.
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