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Michigan employement & illness Michigan

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  • Michigan employement & illness Michigan

    Hello Readers!
    I reside in Michigan and have worked for my employer under a year. Michigan is an "at will" state. Shortly after working for my employer I began to get sick, meaning, i started passing out, coming home stressed out, and I just shrugged it off, thinking as time would go on, whatever was doing this would go away, i seriously just thought it was stress from my job. Well on December 28th, 2006 I was at work, and had what i call an "attack" because this is how i referred to them. Concentration was very difficult at this point. Well at work i felt this attack coming on and started to vomit, I asked a co-worker for asprin and she gave me a moltrin, i put back on my headset and tried to continue working, but i was losing control over my ability to THINK, i couldn't correctly answer my customers; I got scared, I didn't know what to do, i was embarressed to think i was getting sick in front of a bunch of people. I went to my supervisor who had a head set on and was assiting a customer, i tapped him on his shoulder, and he gestured me to hold on, but I COULDNT i knew i was going to pass out and/or vomit again, so as the LAST THING i recall is i was in my car; the next thing, i was in an ambulance. I apparently had a black out drove with no recolition of what i did, or what happened, I am told i pulled my car out into the middle of a road, left it running with vomit everywhere, I came into the house, and vomit was all over myself and then vomited on the floor and passed out. EMT was called and I was taken by ambulance to a hospital to where i was admitted and where i stayed while tests were done on my heart and brain. End result: seizures from stress. Stress i hadnt had UNTIL this job and i couldnt leave folks, its all i have, i'm a widow after 22 years of marriage and i cant leave my job. Well my job was notifed and told that i was very sick and i was admitted in the hospital the same day i left work and again this was on December 28th, well i got a letter stating my employer canceled my insurance that i pay into on the 31st of december, and they sent me some form stating they want me to sign to let them review my doctors notes, and my doctor wrote a letter stating i was admitted into the hospital due to a serious medical issue and would be off until later notified: reason: because they put me on a very large dose of seizure medication, took away my drivers license until i am six months seizure free, AND i had to get after discharged another mri/mra and a EEG done BEFORE i see a neurologist next week.
    My employer didnt state i was terminated but yet my supivisor was very cold and unempathetic in regard to my situation.
    My questions are:
    Can they terminate me if i got sick at work and was admitted into the hospital?
    Can they take away my insurance two days later after being in the hospital; i have a hmo that again i contribute too to have?
    I have short and long term disability, is this a workmans comp case or is this a disability thing? I dont understand the two and how will i get these additional tests done if they took away my insurance but yet im not fired?
    My doctor highly suggests i look for a new job after i'm well enough to do so, so what DO I DO? Am i eligable for any kind of benefits under the Michigan law considering i got sick AT WORK, and was taken by ambulance and was admitted?
    Can you please advise me, i feel very vunerable and scared. I cant lose my job what do i do in this situation.
    Thank you in advance for your time.

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    It is highly unlikely this will fly as a WC claim but you can file it anyway. Typically the stress would need to be the result of an actual specific event that triggered it, not just a generally unpleasant or stressful environment.

    Your employer may be able to fire you, but it depends on their reason. If they terminated you for just leaving without notice and they usually do this, then yes they can fire you too. Their ability to fire you for a medical reason is lightly curtailed. How long did you work there, how many employees were there within a 75 mile radius, and how many hours did you work in the past year?

    I'm not unsympathetic to the effects of stress in the workplace, it not having been that long since I was in a job that affected my health due to stress. Your best bet is to seek something else as soon as you are able. Your health is not worth jeopardizing.
    I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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