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    Was employed through a temporary agency and worked 80 miles from my home. Then, one day I received from the county and emergency eviction notice which gave my five days to get out. Evidently, my landlord stopped paying his mortgage (and failed to tell me this). Anyway, 5 kids, no money and I had 5 days to leave and NO place to go. So, I moved in with my late spouses in laws, 100 miles away, which then placed me 200 miles from the job I was at. This took nearly three hours to get to work. My unemployment was denied. Is this correct? Is this fair? I have worked full time for 20 years, and never once did I need or even try to get unemployment.

    ironically, to date I have placed 161 applications....not a single interview. I have excellent references. This is unreal!
    Can I fight this, or will I lose this battle?

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    You can try but since nothing required you to move to that particular location and leave the job, you may not qualify. It never hurts to try. It is possible the state will decide that given your circumstances you do qualify.
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      This will sound more harsh than I mean it to, but the law does not require fair. The law only requires that the regulations for qualification be met.

      All you can do is appeal. The worst that can happen is that you are turned down, in which case you are no worse off than you are now.
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