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California Workers Comp

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  • California Workers Comp


    I have a situation regarding a workers comp claim . I had surgery and have returned to work which is great.

    The problem I am having is that I was examined by an AME agreed medical examiner several months ago. I have asked my attorney to please provide a copy of the doctors report so that I may read this and have one for my file.

    After several request my attorney will not provide the report . The docs office says go through your attorney. They provided the reoprt to his office.

    Does anyone know of a specific law or regulation that entitles the injured worker the right to review what reports are written .I kind of want to present that info to my attorney and again request the report.



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    Uh, how bout reminding that lawyer that you employ him or her? Since you signed this person to be your legal representative, anything that goes to them, is presumed to have been provided to you. There is no law that says a lawyer must turn over everything they receive for a case to the person they represent, however, it is common sense that your lawyer should be working with you and providing you with the services you are paying them to perform.

    I am a bit surprised the doctor will not send you a copy, though if they already provided one to your representative they have done their duty.
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      Thanks Elle,

      My feelings are the same. The atty is attempting to settle the claim as quickly as possible . Unfortunately I have a few legitimate issues I feel the court should review .

      I have a feeling the report may have some information that I do not agree with , or proper procedures were not followed .

      The atty wants to take cases ,not work on them ,when they are ready to settle ,get his % and move on. pretty common actually.

      I just wont sign anything until I review the report and my issues are considered ..

      I am so glad I am back to work and nearly done with WC.




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