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Injured, assigned to a new position, no training. Washington

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  • Injured, assigned to a new position, no training. Washington

    About 18 months ago I was injured on the job. After 6 months of therapy and an unsuccessful surgery the doctor determined that I would not be able to return to my job of injury. A position came open in the dispatch center for a night time dispatcher. At the time I would be one of four dispatchers. About eights months later two of the dispatchers quit and the other was moved to day shift. One person was hired as a dispatcher and afterwards the company has refused to hire any more dispatchers. The position is a salary position.

    There are four main functions to the dispatcher position. I received about one hour of training for one of the functions. For all intents and purposes, I received almost no training. When I have talked to my supervisors about the lack of training, they counter that no one ever trained them and I should be able to figure it out. To some degree I have.

    Is my employer required to provide training if I am reassigned to a completely different job due to inability to return to my job of injury?

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    No, training needed for on-the-job tasks are the employers decisions. If they think you needed more training I'm sure they would have given it to you. I wouldn't rock the boat too much or you could find yourself looking for another job.


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      There is nothing in WC law (or any other) that would require that they provide you with more training than they have already. Sounds like you got more than most.
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