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Unpaid re embursement Workers Comp Florida

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  • Unpaid re embursement Workers Comp Florida

    A couple of things in this post. 1. I did not file a workmens comp claim for an injury and was promised reembursement by my district manager. Secondly while recovering from the surgery I inquired on a couple of occasions about useing vacation time while out of work and was told it would not be nessecary. . . . So know the knee is better but I was fired with out ever being reembursed for my out of pocket payment . . . . Have I lost my vacation that was 6 months over due but not available to me because of staffing difficulties?

    The reason for not fileing the comp claim is that the knee had been troubelsome for almost a year, so I though nothing of it when it got worse and became unuseable over night. It was only after rest, elevation, x-rays and an MRI that the Doctor told me that the tear was not degenerative but happened all at once, which could only mean the silly stabbing pain at work the day before the deabilitateing pain set in was the actual time of injury.

    Can I still get my money reembursed? Is it too late to file a workers comp claim? Am I entilted to unused vacation hours after termination? . . .


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    File a WC Claim

    As I always say... when in doubt, file a claim. The worst that can happen is that your claim is denied. I'm not familiar with the Florida WC laws. Therefore, I suggest that you contact the Florida Div. of Workers' Comp. Their website is here:

    Good luck!
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      You can file a claim but absent an actual accident that caused it, it most likely won't be covered. You also had to file the claim within 30 days of the injury. If it has been many months, then you may be barred absent a darn good reason for not filing. It is still better to file than not. Whatever these out of pocket payments are would be part of that claim.

      In Florida, vacation that has been earned is not considered wages so it is up to the company whether to pay it or not.
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