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Workman's comp vs STD Illinois

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  • Workman's comp vs STD Illinois

    My sister's suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Last Saturday she had a stroke on her job (honestly- she had not been taking good care of herself and taking her medications on time). I have a question regarding whether she can use workman's comp or short-term disability.

    she's in intensive care now and has contacted her job to file for STD. Her doctor's are monitoring her high blood pressure and will not release her until it gets under control. On the form she needs to complete there are several confusing questions.

    1.Did your disability occur at work?
    I told her to answer "No" even though she had her stroke at work and was rushed to the ER from there, but it was a pre-existing condition.

    2. Do you believe your disability is a result of your work/job?
    She works for a major hotel chain (in banquets) and it is a very stressful work environment. some days she works 19 hours, which contributes to her high blood pressure.

    I don't want her to get screwed because of her answers on this document. She is a single mother of 4 and needs this job badly to support her family. However I'm not sure if she should/could file for workman's comp or STD and what the benefits/downsides are to both.

    Please help...

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    I would think that it is not a workers comp situation. The condition is there wether she works or not, and is not a result of her work. She may though have restrictions put on her, to avoid this in the future (at least if working long hours can do this, I would hope so, but not sure). Please wait for other answers before you give her advise!!


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      The fact that it occurred at work does not make it a worker's comp incident. "Stress" is not a recognized worker's comp illness/injury. I agree with your advice to her. She's fortunate she has STD to cover her income, as least partially. Good luck to her.
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        WC pays the same as most STD policies, though STD policies can be more generous. That being said, this is not a WC injury. It would not be covered by WC.
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