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    My employer required me to do a job that was not under the company's license. (It was a favor for his friend) but, it was done on company time and I was paid for it. Of course, I was injured doing this job and have suffered disc herniation in my back and injured vertabrae in my neck. The company refused to file WC on the injury, but did send me to a chiropractor (which hurt more than it helped) and paid for it. I have been out of work for two months and have had to hire a lwyer. The big problem is that after two months I have received an MRI and visit to a neurosurgeon, and plenty of pain pills, and am waiting for surgery and I have not received any pay! I am broke, I lost my car because I couldn't make the payments, and I am in excruciating pain. What is the hold up???? I could lose my home if this continue for any more time and am totally unable to work because of the injury. My lawyer has been of no help in answering my questions, they just keep shoving paperwork under my nose. I could have filed for welfare or something by now! I am at my wits end. What can I do???

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    Talk to your lawyer or find another one. Seriously, there isn't anything we here can do for you and if you are represented by counsel then your concerns need to be addressed to them.

    If you haven't filed a claim for WC, then you need to discuss doing so with your lawyer. Without doing that, there is no way the WC carrier is going to pay for your time off work.
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