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Workers' Compensation on Pre-existing Injuries

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  • Workers' Compensation on Pre-existing Injuries

    Back in Nov. '00 I was involved in a mva (hit from behind) and sustained neck injuries. I went through PT, nerve blocks, injections, then finally RF's (radiofrequency neurotomies) in '01 & '02--after second RF, pain went away and no more problems with neck.

    Then in Nov. '01 another mva (hit from behind) and damaged my SI (sacroilliac joint)-rcvd. PT and pain went away in few months. Since then, no problems until several months ago, started having severe back pain & to make a long story short, had a mri which shows hernitated disc and lumbar disc degeneration. Went thru all the treatments possible and now having surgery 30th of this month. I will be having open fusion w/rods & screws.

    Recently, while at work, I had a muscle spasm in my back & when I stood up, the pain went down my leg and I fell, hitting my head on a piece of equipment, bruising my leg and hand and exacerbating the pain in my back tenfold and causing severe neck pain.

    My question is: do I qualify for workman's compensation even though I have pre-existing conditions for back and neck? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Workers Compensation

    I believe I answered your question on the other post. Let me know if you have additional questions.
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