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  • lawyer?

    im in kentucky,i hurt my back in april2004 i am currently off work ( since the end of may beacuse of in jury) i went back ( 1 day) employers dr said there's nothing we can do go back to work" BUT she put me in aquathreapy) i went to my reg dr ( who also has seen me for this injury)He put me off work for a week and come backto him i went back to my reg dr today he order to continue PT and put me off work 2 more weeks till i see him again at that end of 2wks. worksman comp took 12wks to pay after the state called 2 t imes the workman comp said they werent aware i was off altho i recieved ALL my dr sending my new dr notes tomorrow.
    my question is should i get a lawyer if they dont pay me promtly? or is it worth it? or sh ould i get a lawyer if i cant go back to work at all?
    thanks ~~stormy

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    Workers Compensation

    I'm assuming that you injured your back while you were working so it's covered by workers' compensation. In any case, hiring an attorney won't help you at this point, unless you can get one at a minimal or no cost. Workers' compensation was designed to provide employees options without having to go to an attorney. It also protects employers from being sued by employees for injuries caused at work.

    If you have a permanent disability caused by the injury, the insurer will off you an amount of money to compensate you for the permanent damage. It is based on a strict formula.

    What can an attorney do for you at this point? He/she can explain the system to you (which you can also learn about for free from the state), he can send letters to the state to speed things along (though I haven't found that it ever sped up the process when I was managing HR) and they can assist you in ensuring that the final payment is accurately calculated (which is based on a predetermined formula).

    However, some people feel much better when they talk to an attorney. So, you may wish to talk with one just to ensure that you are receiving your due. It's your call.

    In any case, let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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