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Pay between jobs in CT?

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  • Pay between jobs in CT?

    I am in CT and the way my current employer works things is that I can sometimes have two or three different jobs at different sites a day ( usually at residential homes ) I currently get paid an hourly rate while I am billable to the customer but I am only paid mileage of .485 cents per mile while travelling. Anyone know if my employer should be paying me for my travel time as well? I am an hourly employee using my own vehicle. Also If I finish a job early and my second one can't be moved up do I have to be paid if its three hours or more between jobs?

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    Several issues here.

    First of all, whether time time between appointments is compensable or not depends on how much autonomy you have to pursue personal activities during that time. If you could go shopping, get your hair done, have a long lunch with a girlfriend, the time would not be compensable; 3 hours is plenty of time for that. Were it less than 20 minutes it would definitely be compensable, as federal law would see that as merely a "rest break".

    When you are traveling from your home to either the office and your first appointment of the day, and from your last appointment of the day back to your office or home, that is commuting time and it is not compensable. Driving from appointment to appointment during the day is compensable.

    In order to comply with the law, you must average at least minimum wage for all hours worked in the workweek, and 1.5 times for all hours worked in excess of 40 in the workweek. If that is not happening, you can file a claim for failure to pay minimum wage with the state Dept. of Labor.

    Question about this mileage, though. Is that paid through payroll and are they withholding taxes on it?
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      Currently our mileage is paid through payroll. They work their payroll through quickbooks (small company). I do believe it is qualified in the system as if it was an out of pocket expense though. No taxes as it was an expense incurred during the work day. Is there a law that I can look at on line the spells out things like how long between jobs before they don't have to pay me etc? I searched and found the portal to portal item you posted in another thread but it seemed a little vague


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        Portal-to-portal IS vague and it's because it really can be situation-specific.
        Regarding mileage, any reimbursement over $.445 per mile IS taxable; excess only.,00.html

        If you'd like a really definitive answer, based on your specific situation, I suggest contact the state Dept. of Labor for their opinion.
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