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mandatory meetings, OR

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  • mandatory meetings, OR

    I work at a department store in Oregon and the past few weeks we have had mandatory meetings sunday mornings. They give notice about the meetings only a day ot two in advance and even if it is your only day off you are required attend. The meetings last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. We are required to not clock in but sign a sheet saying we attended and get paid for the hour or less. My previous manager told me that we cannot be required to come in unless we are getting paid for at least 3 hours of pay. It takes me thirty plus minutes just to drive to work and it really isnt worth my time for a half an hours pay. Is there a law in oregon requiring them to pay for at least three hours??

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    There used to be, but it was rescinded in 1990 for all employees except minors. Legally, they only have to pay you for the time you work/attend the meeting.

    Now, having said that, has anyone broached the issue of perhaps having duplicate meetings at different times, say at the beginning or end of the shift, so that folks don't have to drive in on their day off for 30 minutes? If approached properly, the supervisors/management might consider that. It happens all the time in 24/7 manufacturing businesses; don't know why it wouldn't work here.
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