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Recently recived a letter from my last job....

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  • Recently recived a letter from my last job....

    Hi I live in Oregon. I had a job with a school district driving their buses. Well I ended up quitting because I found a better paying job. My problem is that I received a letter in the mail yesterday and it read that the district over paid me a total of $2279.60 in wages. The letter also read this was an overpayment for my last (final) check. Now the problem I have is I was on a contract with the district. I was told I would receive a payroll check on the 24th of every month for a number of hours that would be bided on based on my seniority. I was also told the number of hours per check would remain the same until the next bidding process. So basically I was a salary employee. I quit this job on the 9th of the month and 3 days later I was told to pick up my final check. Again as I said it was and still is my understanding that I would be paid for these bided contractual hours regardless if those hours were fulfilled or not. The letter sent to me is very vague and does not have anything itemized so that I would be able to calculate their numbers and figure out why they think I owe them this amount. It is a brief one paragraph letter stating the amount they say I owe and to call to arrange payments. Now on another note, I was going through my payroll stubs and was startled to find out that I have been underpaid by about 70 hours total during my employment with the school district.
    So to sum things up (hopefully I have given enough info)
    If I have a contract with the district for a bided number of hours and get paid for those hours even though I did not work the full amount of hours would I be legally obligated to repay that amount? I would also like to mention that there was one month that I worked and my total hours were less than my bided hours and I still received a full pay check.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

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    Since you have a contract, I am going to recommend that you speak directly with an experienced attorney, who can look at your contract and all the information you have.
    Most will offer free, initial consultations.


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