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not paid wages in ohio

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  • not paid wages in ohio

    I have been an independent contractor for the same company for the last year. The recently let me go after completing $5000.00 worth of work. pay was supposed to be given as normal. I paid my bills expecting to get paid and now they havent paid me. All my checks bounced leaving me with large fees and no money to pay the bills. What can I do to get my compensation and what can i do about the fees and the suffering of my family. thanks

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    If you're an idependent contractor, your situation is a matter of contract law, not employment law. You may need to sue the company to recoup the payments they owe you. They are most likely not responsible for your bounced check fees. I know people right checks all the time on the assumption that the money will be there when the check clears, but you assumed the risk that it wouldn't when you wrote and mailed the checks.
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      there wouldnt be any liability as to my pay schedule not being met so therefore the bills couldnt be paid? some bills were on auto payments through my bank because i had a set schedule of pay. i worked for this company only. they just classified me as independent contractor. but basically i was a company employee, i couldnt work anywhere else. i think i may have a right to unemployment based on the fact i used all of their equipment and basically was an employee.i didnt supply any equipment or vehicle or pay for expenses.


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        Whether or not you should have been classified as an employee WILL affect whether or not you can file for UI. If you want to file, you can. The state will contact the employer when they discover that the employer reported no wages for you. Then the employer will have to justify why they treated you as an IC and not an employee.

        If it is determined that you should have been classified as an employee, that will change the legal recourse you may have for recovery of this "pay". If not, all you can do is bring a civil suit just like any other vendor.
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