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a new contract and does not want to pay.

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  • a new contract and does not want to pay.

    I live in FL I worked for a subcontracted company with FPL the power company. I was there from around may area till nov. 15. they had a new contract start up on nov. 1 and every one was going to get a pay increase but would not get the check till the 1st of the year. well I was fired and I have waited till after the 1st of the year to call back and find out about it.

    When I called I asked my old boss about it. He asked me what did I do to desurve a pay increase. and then he hung up the phone on me.

    a bit more info probaly dont need it up in case it does make a differance.

    I was in the navy and got out because I could not wake up in the mornings. While i was still in the navy I called him up and asked about the job and told him about it all and he told me to call when I got out. When I was out of the navy I called him up and got hired and even durring the interview I reminded him about my sleep problem and I was still hired on.

    While I worked for him I was on call there was a few times that i did not hear the call or remember the call coming in so I was not there when I needed to be. I was also late because of power loss at my place and then the final time. that I was late because of a power loss and a major acident on the high way he fired me.

    I think it might be only like $200.00 for that time fram on the differance of what I was going to be geting but they never told any one what they were going to be geting too. we got told that the starting pay would go from $11 to $14 and that I would be geting atleast the new starting pay probaly a bit more.

    I really would like to find out what I can do asap.

    Thank you,
    Charles Crisham

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    Did you have a written contract for this job? If so, the contract should spell out your pay and the terms under which it could be severed.

    If this was a contract job but you did not have a contract, you were an at-will employee and could be let go for any reason at any time, save a few exceptions provided for by law. Nothing you have posted indicates that any of those exceptions would apply. Not showing up on time or at all is a perfectly valid reason to fire you. That they knew you had problems with this before is irrelevant. You weren't there to do the job when they needed you to be, and that is a legitimate reason to terminate.

    In most cases, employees must be actively employed at the time a raise is paid out to be eligible to receive it. If you were let go before the rate went up, you are out of luck.
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