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Payroll Questions - Oklahoma / Non-Profit

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  • Payroll Questions - Oklahoma / Non-Profit

    I have a couple of questions.

    I am forced to deal with payroll questions b/c our payroll refuses to deal with employees directly and I am the go between. I am tired of not having answers. We are in Oklahoma/non-profit company.

    1. If payroll leaves hours off a check that were clearly on a timesheet, can they cut a new check at their discretion, or make the employee wait until the next a payday, because in their opinion, the amount doesn’t justify their effort? Our employees barely make it from payday to payday.

    2. Accounting/Payroll will not put anything in writing. They make changes in policy on the fly. Such as, mileage checks were given out every two weeks for years. Then, on the day they were to be distributed accounting announced that they were not ready and would, from that day on, be distributed on the last day of the month. Keep in mind, these mileage checks are several hundred dollars each. These people depend on these checks to keep gas in their car to do their jobs. And they aren’t even paid the entire amount allowed, b/c our company keeps part of what the state re-imburses them for their “expenses” in cutting the checks.

    3. We went to PTO in September which rolled holidays, sick time and vacation all into one bank of available time off. However, most of our employees work more that 40 hours per week on a consistant basis because of a shortage of staff (health care). Now accounting has decided that PTO is only to bring you up to 40 hours. This was NOT the case before we went to PTO. We have never seen the PTO policy. So if people are sick or take time off, they are not getting their normal paycheck. They are not getting paid for their time off, even though they have earned the time off.

    Is all this legal?
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    1.) I cannot address this question; I'll leave it for someone more knowledgeable about payroll issues than I.

    2.) Since the law in your state does not require that mileage be reimbursed at all, in the absence of a binding contract that says otherwise, yes, it is legal to change the policy and make mileage checks only payable once a month.

    3.) Though it kind of defeats the purpose of having paid time off to begin with, yes, this is legal. Again, paid time off is not required under the law so there is no obligation to pay it. There can be some exceptions for exempt employees.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      well, regarding the mileage - the company requires us to turn in mileage as are they are re-imbursed by the state, we don't have a choice.

      i understand what you mean by the vacation. i would think they would have to have a written policy and follow that however so you would know what to expect. its a little disconcerting to take time off and your paycheck be way below what you expected because someone in accouting went on a power trip.


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