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Can company decrease wages without telling you or demoting you?

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  • Can company decrease wages without telling you or demoting you?

    I have been in charge of my department for over 8 months, I have done the corporate manager training, and am considered a manager. My previous Food and Beverage Director left the job, the new director, having been here only a month, decided I made too much $$ , and cut my pay by $5.00 per hour, without telling me. I found out when I saw my paystub. I wasnt demoted, and am still expected to perform all of my same job duties. Since I am the one that does the payroll for my department, I turned in my normal timesheet, when I received my check and found out about the decrease, I have to wonder who wrote in the over-ride on my pay? Also, do they have to at least tell you before they do something like this, and if so, then how can they justify taking away my earnings for the previous 2 weeks, and just change my rate? She had said something about my pay, and she thought it was too much, I didnt hire myself on at a certain rate, I was offered the job at the rate I have been getting paid......What do I do? I used to love my job, and moved close to my work, into a house I can no longer afford. I have never been demoted, but it seems, she is trying to eliminate my position.( but still expects me to continue with all of my duties?) ARIZONA

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    I could not find an Arizona law that requires prior notification of a decrease in wages. Doesn't mean there isn't one, however; the AZ DOL website makes it pretty hard to find much detail. You can contact the DOL to inquire specifically.

    However, short of a bona fide contract which prohibits the employer from decreasing your wage rate, it's not illegal. Whether you had to be notified prior to working the hours under the lower rate is going to depend on AZ law.
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      Should I go to Human Resources?

      I was talking to a friend of mine, about the sneaky way my boss went about changing my pay, from $14 to $9 per hour. Her suggestion was to call payroll and say I beleive you have made a mistake, my pay was wrong. My only concern with that would be if my boss thinks I KNEW that this was coming. I guess she had mentioned to me we would talk, I thought that there would be some discussion in regards to the fact that SHE thinks I make to much $$. I do go into overtime, due to the nature of my job, quite often, and was going to suggest I move to salary. Instead, WITHOUT EVEN TELLING ME, she wrote in a pay over-ride, and now I make less than people in my department with far less work and responsibility. I guess what I am asking, do you think that would make too many waves? I am looking for another job, but really cant afford to lose this one untill I find one. Do you have any advice? thankyou


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        Since I don't know your boss or your upper management, I can't tell if you would be making too many waves or not.

        It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to talk to HR.
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