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Minimum wage for hosts

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  • Minimum wage for hosts

    My employer pays hosts and hostesses the same rate as servers, in Michigan that is $2.65 an hour. In order to pay hosts, they make the servers on the floor tip out based on the number of the tables during the work period to compensate for their wages. Is it legal for a host who is not earning gratiuities to be paid less than $5.15 an hour? Also, my employer will not hire a dishwasher and makes servers do the dishes for the restaurant. What services are servers required to do for $2.65 an hour?

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    Servers are required, just like any other employees, to perform the tasks assigned by management.

    Employers can only pay the sub-minimum wage for tipped employees if the tips are regularly at least $30 per month. It does not make any difference whether those tips come directly from the customers or from the servers tip-outs. However, if in any workweek, if the tips you receive plus your hourly wage do not average out to at least $5.15 per hour, the employer must make up the difference.

    I will have to say I have not heard of this before, though, and I have managed the payroll function for a couple of large nationwide restaurant corporations in my day.
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