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No pay in New York

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  • No pay in New York

    Hello, I teach at a private school in New York. Until last week, teachers at our school were getting paid twice a month, on the 7th and the 23rd, on a ten-month schedule that followed the academic year.

    On Dec 23, none of us got paid at all. After calling around, we eventually learned that the school had suddenly switched us to a twelve-month schedule. Because our monthly rates would be less for twelve months than for ten, they withheld our pay on the 23rd, and they will also be deducing money from our pay on Jan 7 in order to catch us up to the new 12-month schedule.

    There was no advance notice and no written explanation of any of this. Many of us obviously have rent coming due on the 1st, other bills that need to get paid -- it is the holidays after all -- and it's a major hassle, at best.

    Simple incompetence or grounds for a complaint?
    Many thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

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    It's possible that New York may have a law requiring a certain notice be given when the pay frequency changes (which, although is not what *actually* happened, it's the same effect), but I couldn't find any. Short of a contract that specifies that you MUST be paid on a 10-month schedule, and that such schedule cannot be changed in the middle of the year, what occurred is most likely not illegal.
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      Thanks, Patty. I figured as much but it never hurts to ask...

      While I'm here, is it also legal for the school to forbid us to leave the premises from 8 am to 4 pm? We are salaried employees and the school is K-8th grade, if either of those things matter.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Generally speaking, yes.
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          C'est la vie.


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