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No lunch during a 9 hour shift.

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  • No lunch during a 9 hour shift.

    all of this occured yesterday, the day after christmas.

    i live in texas as a host and i was scheduled 8am to 2pm. i didnt recieve a lunch during this time, or any type of break. i was then asked to stay after and i did not leave untill 5pm. the only break i got was for about 10 mins around 4pm. i had not eaten since christmas lunch the day before around 1 or 2pm. i know that that is not the employers fault but i was getting sick from not eating. i wanted to know the laws on this. usually we are permitted a 30 min lunch only if we are working an 8 hour shift, and only 15 if its 7 hours. however, my fiance works in texas as well, and they require her to take a 1 hour lunch and get upset if she doesnt take it, because they say they will be fined for not following labor laws. now i want to know how shes required to take an hour lunch no matter how long she works, but i am only allowed a 15 min lunch at most.

    i am not the only one either, one lady was not informed that her food was ready, even when an employee tried to go tell her, the manager stoped them and said custmers were more important. she didnt get her food for 2 hours, and she's diabtic. she was out on the floor shaking from not having food. this doesnt seem responible

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    The diabetic employee does have a point. If she has not already, she should open a dialogue with the employer regarding a reasonable accommodation (such as a short break to eat) under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Even so, however, there is no law in Texas requiring rest breaks or meal periods for adult employees. I'm not saying it's wise, I'm just saying it's not illegal.
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      Thank you for your reply. Is there a site that you can link me to for information I can print out about the Americans with Disabilities Act? I looked for one, but i couldn't find anything. Thanks again.


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        All I had to do is a web search.
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