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Various Wage Questions- Massachusetts

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  • Various Wage Questions- Massachusetts

    My husband works at a video rental store and we both have some concerns reguarding how he is paid.... so here are a bunch of questions...

    1) Are retail stores in MA required to pay time and 1/2 on Sundays?

    2) Which holidays are they required to pay time and 1/2?

    3) In a retail store are they legally allowed to make you work on Christmas Day?

    4) If you are scheduled for an 8 hr shift and they make you stay for 9 1/2 do they have to give you time and 1/2 or double pay for the extra 1 1/2?

    5) If the store is supposed to do inventory and enough people call in that they cannot and so reschedule the inventory day, can they make you come in for a few hours on your day off to do it?

    6) If a store has multiple branches can they require you to move to another branch?

    7) What is the state law on lunch breaks? My husband often doesn't get to finish eating because he is the only asst. manager/manager scheduled for a certain shift. Can they require you to stay on location and interupt your lunch in this situation?

    8) My husband was hired as a asst. manager in training at a much lower pay rate than the other training assistant managers and some cashiers, but he was promised a pay raise when he finished his training. He has been finished for 3 weeks and hasn't recieved his raise. Is this legal?


    L. Dravyn

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    Sorry didn't mean to double post... it was lagging and I didn't think it had posted the first time.... please delete one of the posts.


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