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laws about time and place of payment in IL

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  • laws about time and place of payment in IL

    Are there any laws about (not) changing the time and place of payment in IL?

    I work as a temporary employee, and paychecks are delivered to the place I work. I am supposed to receive my paycheck when I start my friday shift at 11pm. other employees of the same agency received their checks at the beginning of their friday shift. The agency that issues my check will not open until monday at 8am.

    until then, Is there anything I can do to even find out if my paycheck exists? or if it will be there on monday? or here?

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    Are you saying that you don't work on Friday? Can't you just go to the client company and pick it up on Friday? Or ask the agency to hold it at the office and pick it up there on Friday? Or sign up for direct deposit? Or ask the agency to mail it (of course, then you're depending on the mail service)?

    I'm not sure what you're expecting the employer to do here.
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      My work hours are from 11pm to 7am. My friday shift begins at 11pm on friday night. the agency I work for delivers checks to our worksite sometime during the hours of 8am and 5pm on friday. I was explicitly told by the agency that the place to receive my check is my employment site. when I get to work on friday at 11pm, my paycheck is supposed to be there. the agency did not deliver my paycheck. the agency did not notify me at all that they would change when or where I was payed. The first time I knew that my paycheck was not there was 11pm on friday. there is no direct deposit system. the last time they said they mailed something to me it took over a week for it to be delivered (this after waiting a week for the problem to be resolved). I can not live with a three week delay on getting my paycheck. I have no problem picking up my paycheck wherever they say to pick it up, but I was where they said to pick it up and it was not there. I am asking the agency to make sure my paycheck is where the6y say it should be. I know if my bill payments are late for any reason there is a strict penalty, is there any penalty for the employer?


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        There may be, but you would not receive any of it in your state, and by the time you filed a claim for late wages, you would have received that check. Maybe someone just made a mistake; that can happen. Can you request that they hold the check in the office and you can pick it up during the day?
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