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OH-Decrease in bonus without notification

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  • OH-Decrease in bonus without notification

    I work for a base salary and a bonus salary. My compensation package was offered to me by the CEO of my company in return for me staying after turning in a resignation. I earn $875 weekly with an available $2500 monthly bonus. This was the only reason I stayed working for the company. Last week they had a company meeting, as of today not paying bonus in the same structure, only twice a year bonus. And, they are not paying the bonus I earned last month, that is due to be paid on my next paycheck. They are putting it in some kind of pot to be divided among all company employees. Is this legal? I earned that money before they changed the bonus structure. They have also decreased the amount of available bonus by half. This is company wide. They are decreasing available monthly pay by almost 40%. This is going to make for a great Christmas. How can he offer me a compensation package to stay then take it away after I do????
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    What state do you work in? Many states have a requirement that if your salary (not bonuses) are reduced, you must receive notice of that before the hours are worked. Did you?

    Do you have anything in writing regarding the bonus structure promised to you in your compensation package that would require them to stick to it for a certain period of time? If so, or even if it doesn't address that particular issue, you might want to have a local attorney review that document. However, short of that, the employer can generally change the bonus structure however and whenever they want.
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      Ohio, not given advance notification of bonus change

      I work in Ohio. They just had another meeting a few minutes ago. They are taking the bonus that was earned in October and only paying a percentage. This change was announced today. I earned $2500 in bonus for the month of October that was to be paid on November the 15th. I was told on November 4th there was a change that was being made. This bonus makes up almost 40% of my income.

      I do have something in writing of the offer that was orginally made to me. But, there is not a time reference.


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        Then it might be worth a brief consultation with an attorney, just in case.
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