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Is it legal? CA

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  • Is it legal? CA

    I'm a fieldTech employee and get pay by piece work plus overtime. Overtime rate is about 10% of a total productivity per week. The company does not pay if there's a troble call of my work within 60 days and I have no problem. In pasted, the company paid me for service call work order done by other tech(s) but recently they don't pay me for those work. Is it legal? One other problem, they have'nt provide me with a productivity details along with my check. I asked my superviser but keeping getting an excuse after excuse. Please advise! thnx

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    The only thing that would be illegal is if your average hourly rate for the workweek (not pay period, but workweek) calculates out to less than minimum wage. The state Division of Labor Stanards Enforcement is not charged with ensuring that the employer pay you fairly or in accordance with company policy; only that you receive at least the minimum pay required by law.

    Just for curiosity's sake, how DO they calculate your weekly pay?
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      The fact is that all the techs are getting paid by piece work not hourly wages. Our earn base on each work order and we should get pay what we produced unless it's on me. Now, when company decided to chage that policy passed those work orders on Techs and not paying them. This practice this very disturbing and I think it's wrong.

      Just for curiosity's sake, how DO they calculate your weekly pay?[/QUOTE]

      I'm not sure how they come up with this formula but base on 48 work week 10 -15 hr overtime and earning overtime is between 100-250 base on our productity. I'll follow up the exact number. Thanx for your respond.


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