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PA : payroll mistake => not been paid for several weeks

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  • PA : payroll mistake => not been paid for several weeks

    Hi guys,

    I guess I need to give the full story:
    I live in Pennsylvania since July ( I just graduated). I started my "job" as an intern. On my "job offer" (I did not sign any papers, they just sent me a letter), they said they would pay me $2500/month after taxes. I wondered how they would do that, so on my 1st day, I asked the HR. They said that I did not have to pay taxes, so they would simply give me $2500 as a Travel Expense Reimbursement every month.
    I complained and said that I HAD to pay taxes. For the 1st month I was paid "under the table" (they told me my first Travel Expense Reimbursement would not appear on any IRS forms).

    I was officially working as a temporary engineer on July 28th ( they had finally put me through Payroll). I was supposed to be paid biweekly.

    4 weeks after 07/28, I received my 1st real paycheck: the amount was wrong ( I had been paid way too much). As I didn't know if they were making up for July, or paying me also for the following month, I didn't say anything.
    2weeks after that, same wrong amount on my paycheck. This time, I knew there was something going on and informed my department's assistant, the HR dpt and colleagues.
    Since then ( Sept 12th : a month now !), I have no longer been paid: I no longer receive paystubs, and nothing is deposited into my bank account. I had to call many times the Payroll dpt to ask them what was going on (and what was taking so long ...). Their answer is that it is very difficult to change things into the system they use.

    Technically, I do not know how much I am supposed to get every month as I did not sign any contract stating an income in writing. Thus, I do not know how much is mine from what they wrongfully deposited into my bank account. Thus, I do not touch any of that money ( thank God my husband has a very well-paying job!).
    So, technically, I haven't been "really" paid since July 28th.
    Which is a 1st problem.
    Secondly, I am afraid my tax return for 2005 will be screwed up because of this.

    What should I do now? Can I keep the money? Should I just quit my job as my employer does not seem to be fair/honest?

    Thank you so much for your help,

    Take care.

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    Keep going up the chain. In the meantime, file a claim with the state Dept. of Labor for unpaid wages. They will investigate with the employer and order back wages if appropriate.

    However, if they are the kind of company that would pay you "under the table", and admit it, I'd be looking for another job myself.

    Good luck.
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