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Holiday Pay

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  • Holiday Pay

    I work for a company who follows the Virginia federal holiday schedule. Some persons worked on Columbus Day. They told us we would be getting double pay for a holiday, then the next day they told us we will be getting time and a half for working on Columbus day. My concern is what the virginia federal law on working on a holiday. Are we suppose to be receiving double or just time and a half?

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    Um, first off "Virginia federal law" is a conflict in terms. Laws are enacted by the federal legislature, or the State legislature, or a municipality. There is no such thing as a "Virginia federal law." (I'm just trying to explain, not beat you up.)

    If you work for an employer in the private sector, they don't have to offer any paid holidays to begin with. Your employer has voluntarily chosen to offer those holidays that are observed in the public sector (i.e. federal or State government offices.) Your employer is not obligated to provide pay for any holidays or pay anyone extra for working on a holiday. Your employer's only obligation as it relates to hourly paid employees is to pay time and a-half for all hours actually worked in excess of 40 each week. If your employer wishes to pay you time and a-half for working on Columbus Day that is more than the law requires. T


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      Okay my bad on the terms I used. But I knew what I wanted to asked just didn't know how. Anyway, I never said I worked for a private sector; I'm really not sure if I do or not. So what is the law for non-private sectors


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        Do you work for a branch of the government? If yes, then you work in the public sector and they have to provide certain holidays by law.

        If you work for any other type of employer, then you work in the private sector and they don't ever have to provide any holidays or holiday pay or pay you overtime for anything other than when you work more than 40 hours/week.


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