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Question Regarding Salaried Position in Florida

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  • Question Regarding Salaried Position in Florida

    Just to provide some brief background, I have been a salaried Manager for an Employer in Florida for 5 years. My salery was defined at $XXX/40 hr work week. We have been told that we are expected to work 55-58 hours a week, despite salary indication a period of 40 hrs a week. In actuality, I have been clocking 65- 70 hours a week, and in some cases, more.
    My questions are regarding Vacation time taken from us(salaried management) during the Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation during Hurricaine Dennis here in Florida in 2004. We were docked Earned Vacation Hours for 3 days during this evacuation, which was split up between 2 pay periods, 2 days in one perion, 1 day in another. In both periods, I had worked in excess of 40 hours BEFORE the evacation dates, yet still was docked vacation time. I have since left the company, and they took this time from my final paycheck( I left with -20 hours vacation.) In other words, I received 1/2 my final paycheck, but had always worked 60+ hours- Should they have paid me the entire amount, or am I just out of luck?

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    It is lawful for the employer to debit your vacation accrual for absence days, regardless of the reason for the absence. If you left "owing" the employer for vacation days you were paid but hadn't yet earned, then yes, they can deduct that from your final paycheck.

    I'm not saying I agree with your employer's actions, just that they're not illegal.


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