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**Not being Paid**

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  • **Not being Paid**

    Hi, I work for a food services company in Southern California. While employed at this facility (which worked whenever there were events happening at the venue), I received another job. I informed my work, but messages got mixed up and I was accidentally informing the wrong people about why I wasn't able to work some events because I was working my other job. One day, I went into the office and realized that since the New main boss hadn't been receiving my messages, he had taken me off the computer system, assuming I just wasn't showing up anymore. We discussed the situation, realized the mix-up, and he put me back into the system. I asked him if I could work the event happening that day, he said yes, to just swipe my i.d. card through the machine as usual and I'd be clocked in. I did so, worked a 7 & 1/2 hr. shift that day and went home. I realized 2 weeks later I didn't receive pay for that day. I called the office and they informed me they didn't have any record in the computer of me working that day. I went in and filled in a discrempancy form. A month went by and I still didn't hear anything. I called the office and they claim to have lost my discrempancy form. So I went in and filled in another and they said because there wasn't a record on the computer of me clocking in or out that day, I wouldn't get paid. I explained to them it may be because I was put back into the system that day, but I did work and I was even on register that day, so there should be records of me cashing in and out that day (when on register, we were required to fill out about 4 or 5 forms with our signature and the date). They said an investigation would be put under way and they would contact me in a week; not for me to contact them, but to wait for them to contact me. It has now been over a week and I still haven't received a call from them. I called them today, but I received an answering machine. I'm worried that now that the venue event season is over, I won't be paid and this won't be resolved. Do I just file a complaint with the Dept. of Labor? In doing so, should I also mention (in my complaint) the other days I was not paid an hour here or an hour there? And also the fact that on my first day of work, I worked 8 hours, asked my supervisor for a lunch break, did not receive one, and when I complained to my work, they got mad at me like it was my fault? (They said instead of just telling my supervisor i wanted a break, i should have also told my supervisor's supervisor that i didn't get one yet...but it was my first day, i didn't know who the supervisor's supervisor was, and shouldn't my own supervisor had been enough?) I realize they do this to all don't get a lunch break unless you ask for it and we always work 6+ hr shifts. (I'm wondering if they do this because the majority of employees are minors and don't realize this is wrong.) Sorry this is so long, but thank you for reading and for your replies in advance

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    File a claim for unpaid wages with the state Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.
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