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What constitutes a "promotion" in the state of GA?

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  • What constitutes a "promotion" in the state of GA?

    I have been working for a company for nearly 2-1/2 yrs. My background is in Information Technology (18 yrs), graphic design (5 yrs), and Advertising (3 yrs). Upon moving to the state of Georgia, I was desperately looking for employment in my field of expertise but had to take a position as Receptionist to merely put food on the table. During the first year of my employment with this company, I have not only done the work of a Receptionist, additionally, I have concurrently performed the duties of "Customer Service Representative" to handle all incoming calls from customers requiring service and handling all aspects of the customer service administrative tasks. During the second year and in addition to Receptionist & Customer Service tasks, I was asked to create all of the graphic designs for all of the marketing materials (brochures, business cards, pocket folders, sales flyers & hand-outs, newsletter, magazine display ads of various sizes, etc.) My creations for this company has greatly improved upon their marketing image and has even given this company extended coverage within magazines producing articles by way of specialized interviews. Four months ago, I was moved from the front lobby (receptionist desk) to move into my own office and relieved of my receptionist & customer service duties so I could focus primarily on handling all marketing endeavors for this company. Additionally, part of my new job assignment within this company is to create and maintain the company “website” and produce an online newsletter to be sent out each month.

    I love the type of work I am doing for this company, and for the most part, enjoy working here. Unfortunately, I am still making “RECEPTIONIST PAY” and I am confused whether I have been promoted or not. It appears to me and my co-workers that I have had a promotion, but the paycheck does not reflect that is has happened at all. My boss just acts as if it is just expected of me to continue producing since I have these talents. Needless to say, I am feeling rather taken advantage of. I have worked really hard to prove myself to these people and have repeatedly worked beyond the call of duty. My wages are almost half of the wages suggested at for the lowest (25 percentile) in my field. Are there any fair labor/pay laws that could protect me so that I can be recognized as being promoted and earn a wage that is commensurate of my experience, knowledge, and skills?

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    Are there any fair labor/pay laws that could protect me so that I can be recognized as being promoted and earn a wage that is commensurate of my experience, knowledge, and skills?
    No, there are not.

    If you think you deserve a promotion/raise, then document your additional responsibilities and do some market research. Check out the major national job boards such as,,, and the state job listings (if your state has such as thing for currently unemployed workers) and see if you can find jobs with similar responsibilities to yours, and what salaries they are offering. Do NOT compare your salary with anyone else's in your company, especially by comparing your contribution with theirs and do not threaten to quit if you don't get a raise; that will just turn the powers-that-be off. Then ask for a meeting with your boss or whoever to discuss the facts and make your proposal. If they are not forthcoming, it may be to your advantage to take the skills you have learned/utilized there and find another position.

    Good luck.
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