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Pay changed after hours had been worked

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  • Pay changed after hours had been worked

    I have worked for a local convenience store( in Alabama) for 5 months, I was asked to be assistant manager and received a raise of fifty cents. Money came up missing on a day I was off. The manager made the girls work worked pay it back. She then told me she was going to cut one of the other girls(whom was called first assist) pay because she didn't need any assists but she wanted me to handle her inventory. The next day I had a tooth ache and didn't speak much. The girl I worked with asked me over and over what was wrong I simply said I was just ready to go thats all(instead of going into details about my tooth). Later that day the manager asked for the schedule and when she sent it back by another employee, that employee said the schedule has been changed. We looked at the schedule and we was taken off the schedule 2days. It was Monday so the 2days cut from me where Tuesday and Wednesday. Payday is Tuesday. So I went to get my check and the manager said that both our pay was going to be cut. I didn't respond because I really didn't know how. I know I was doing my job but it mad sense that she didn't want an assist but not only did she cut my pay she cut my hours after the week had began. Before I drove off I thought about it and went back inside and asked her if I could ask her a question. I asked if I was doing something wrong and what did I do to her that she keep getting smart with me. She said I told you you should watch who you be around and I said when I leave work that has nothing to do with my pay and hours if my performance has not changed. She just continued on about what others was doing wrong and not me. So when I returned to work she had told everyone she took my pay and hours because I got smart with her. I said nothing about it at all, I just worked as if nothing happened and picked up a few more hours at my part time job that I started when she started threatening to cut hours.
    My question is is it legal to have someone work for a wage then just change their pay after the hours has been worked for that pay?

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    The Alabama DOL website does not reference state wage and hour regulations, so it appears that they defer to Federal, which does not have any requirement that you be notified of a wage decrease before hours are worked. If there is any such law, it would be at the state level.

    Try contacting the Dept. of Industrial Relations to inquire. (334) 242-8990
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