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Direct Deposit - Employer to take back money

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  • Direct Deposit - Employer to take back money

    I have given my 2 week notice and will be resigning from my company. I love in NJ and work in NY.

    I have received a bonus for work performed in 2004. I have been told that my COO wants to take the bonus back. I have direct deposit and the bonus has already hit my bank account. Can the employer take the money back out of my account legally?

    Also, can the employer withhold money from my last paycheck in the amount of the bonus? That check represents my last 2 weeks worked so I cannot see that occurring.


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    Since no one here knows anything about the company's bonus plan, it's impossible to say although in most instances, wages paid are a "done deal" unless there is a clerical error and an honest mistake was made. (For example, if you'd been paid twice the amount of bonus you were actually due; the employer would be entitled to receive the difference back.) If you really are worried about this, then transfer close this account and open a new one.

    If any money is withheld from your last check that you didn't authorize, then contact your State's Department of Labor and file a complaint immediately.


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      Thanks Beth. Appreciate the help.



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