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They removed hours from my timesheet!

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  • They removed hours from my timesheet!

    I am an RN and was contracted to work for a company for 1 week for Hurricane Katrina relief. I was hired by company A who was doing this work for company B. When offered the job I got a letter (contract) stating that I would be paid $40/hour. I flew from my home in North Carolina to Baton Rouge and set up my unit as the only nurse to 350 labor workers of company B. Within the first day it became clear that I would be working 16-18 hours a day because company B refused to approve for a second nurse so we could split the shift. I made company A well aware, several times, of the hours I was putting in with NO lunch breaks during the whole week. I was very honest with my hours and was constantly working from 6am-12pm most days with no breaks because I just didn't have time to take one, not that they were refusing me any breaks.
    I sent my hours daily to company A so they were fully aware of the time I was putting in. I felt this was necissary because I know once you get 40 hours it's time and a half ($60/hr). By the time my trip came to an end I turned in a timesheet for 126 hours.
    Sometime in that week company B "realized" that after 40 hours I would be time and a half. They started to get upset about how much this was going to cost them and told company A that they would not pay for the lunch breaks that I never took, nor would they reimburse them for the $300 Per Diem check they gave me with my plane ticket.
    After I completed the job company A wanted to deduct an hour for each day off my time because they wouldn't be getting reiumbursed for it. I politely told them that they should have stated that before I left for the job so I COULD have my "lunch hour" each day and I expect to be paid for ALL my time whether they would be reimbursed for it or not. Company A agreed and told me I would be paid for all 126 billed hours.
    Upon receiving my paycheck I realized that they DID in fact deduct hours without my knowledge. Not only that, almost HALF my check was taken away in taxes even though I claimed 4 deductions.
    Please explain any recourse I may have and how I should go about doing so in a professional manner.

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    If you were an employee of company A, you can file a claim for unpaid wages with the Dept. of Labor in Louisiana, since that is where you worked. If you were an independent contractor, you would have to file a civil suit, as the DOL investigate claims of employees only.

    That is really too bad you were treated this way. Thank you for your service.
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